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You Are Build to Conquer What Challenges You

In this blog, I delve into resilience as a practice and how we can conquer challenges and persevere through discomfort to achieve personal success.

This year, my kids started French school. For those of you unfamiliar with the Quebec school system, French is the language of instruction. It is legislated that all children must be educated in French until the end of their secondary studies, whether in a public school or a subsidized private school.

As temporary residents to Quebec, brought here to help strengthen an industry, we have been exempt and our children have been learning in both English and French. But changes to the law resulted in the loss of our English eligibility, and so this year Robert and Aiden started their first year in the French school system.

One day as we prepared to walk out the door to catch the school bus to their new school, and in response to something I said about being excited for the day, my daughter responded, “Mom, I’m DYING in French school!”

“Bye, girl. Bye,” I responded as I popped her in the bum and hustled her out the door. We didn’t have time to address it then but her comment stuck with me.

This past weekend as I brushed her hair in preparation for our girls day, I started to prod. I reminded her of her comment from the past week and asked, “Do you really feel like you’re floundering?” She didn’t respond but I could see her thinking.

I continued, “Sometimes, we can’t change the things that challenge us, but we can change how we think about our challenges, how we react to them, and how we prepare for them.”

“Are you really miserable?” I asked. “No,” she replied.

“Does it feel impossible?” I followed up. “No, but I don't like it,” she responded.

“Because it feels hard?” I asked. She nodded.

“But can you do it, even if it's challenging?”

“Yes,” she responded.

“You know why? Because you are built to conquer the things that challenge you.” She nodded in agreement.

We ended our conversation as I finished tying up her coily hair and smoothing her edges for my favorite around-the-way girl pouf. I gave her a hug, then we moved on to start our mother-daughter day.

A reminder as we move through the remainder of this week: you, too, are inherently capable of doing hard things and achieving success.

Resilient isn’t something that you either are or aren't. Resilience is a skill that requires practice.

There is always a learning curve when doing something new, whether it is building up the courage to practice a new language in conversation, applying for a new position at work, or standing as a spokesperson for your organization during challenging or opportune times.

Learning curves come with some discomfort. But, the more we practice resilience, focus on our own capabilities, and lean into our support systems, the easier challenges will become over time.

Now, go conquer this week.


Arron Neal is a seasoned communications strategist and storyteller. She partners with individuals and organizations to leverage the power of thoughtful communications to build enduring brands, engaged audiences, and courageous leaders.

As a consultant, writer, and coach, Arron shares valuable insights on communications strategy for organizations, personal growth, and productivity. She draws inspiration from her family who regularly remind her of the importance of effective communication and courageous action.

Keep in touch at, on LinkedIn, or Instagram.


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