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Escaping the Comparison Trap

Comparison is the thief of joy. I know this to be true, and yet, I often find myself caught in the cycle, and to my dismay, I've noticed my children picking up on it too. In this blog, I share two important insights, revealed during a colouring session with my kids, that can help you escape the comparison trap.

One late afternoon, I sat at my kitchen island filling up on after school snacks and engrossed in a colouring activity with my son and daughter.

As we worked together to shade in an image of the Avengers, I noticed my daughter spent more time comparing her work to mine and her brother's, than using her newly sharpened coloured pencils.

What we say to and about ourselves, both quietly in our heads and aloud to others, impacts how we show up in this world, so it was important for me to address her dissatisfaction and guide her toward a more positive mindset.

To reassure my daughter, I acknowledged that I had developed my colouring technique over time, and that I learned them from my mother who always impressed me with the images she'd fill in on my colouring books when I was a kid. I gave her a couple of tips for staying in the lines and explained how different grips and varying pressure can affect the texture and color.

"Baby girl," I said. "If you want to get better at doing something, don't be afraid to ask for help."

After seeing her immediate progress with just a few small tweaks, she began to feel more confident.

In addition to sharing colouring techniques, I emphasized that we must be kind to ourselves and give ourselves grace as we navigate the learning and growth process.

Our self-talk plays a profound role in shaping our beliefs about ourselves, which ultimately influences our actions. To my pleasant surprise, my son chimed in, highlighting the connection between our inner voice and mental well-being - a proud mama moment.

Reflecting on this conversation later that evening, I realized how much I needed to heed my own words. This blog is part of a conscious effort to internalize the lessons I shared with my children, document them for future reference, and share them with you, in case you too need a gentle reminder.


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